Grace Safronchik Tetelbaun was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2003 she immigrated to Canada with her family.

At a very young age Grace developed a passion for visual arts, specifically drawing and painting. This passion came as a result of time spent with her grandfather who was an accomplished artist. She spent many hours at her grandfather's atelier (studio) where she experienced first hand the magic of colour and the power of shading. As a young girl she also shared the powerful excitement of exhibitions at her grandfather's side.

Her love and respect for "the arts" was also nurtured by her father.

He taught her the wonder world of drawing and also to discover and appreciate the beauty and harmony around us, to use it as an inspiration for artistic endeavours.

Grace with her parents,
aunt and grandparents
at one of her grandfather's
painting exhibitions.

This rich and artistic environment laid the foundation for Grace to begin her formal visual arts training. She studied with prestigious professors from the National School of Arts "Prilidiano Pueyrredon" in Argentina. She has a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Architecture, Design & Urbanism of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following her formal training, she began her work as a Graphic Designer and has continued to do so for many years.

Grace has participated in several exhibitions, some with other artists and some one woman shows. Her work is currently on display in many upscale restaurants, boutiques and private collections.

Grace's work is a reflection of her unique and expressive style. Her passion for colour, light and shade is clearly evident in all her work. This is how she expresses moods, feelings and emotions. Her favourite medium is acrylic on canvas with the addition of materials like rope, cord and paper to demonstrate relief concepts. As well, she demonstrates her artistic prowess and creativity with colour pencil, oil and ink. She is always experimenting and trying to develop new techniques to express herself creatively.

Grace is passionate about expressing herself through art. Regardless of whether she is using abstract and/or realistic interpretation, she strives for a cathartic response from those who view her work.